Tips to maintain your laptop

Tips to maintain your laptop – Every household has one laptop in today\’s time as this is the need of the hour because of the increasing use of technology. This makes it necessary for us to know what are the tips to maintain your laptop at home. Taking care of your laptop with these basic tips will make your laptop have a long life. These tips will also make your life easier and less complicated. 

\"TipsTry to use these tips on a regular basis to get maximum benefits:

Tip 1 – Make sure to keep liquids and eatables away from the laptop

Out of habit or out of love, we generally like keeping eatables and liquids near our laptops to access them easily and conveniently. There have been incidents when accidentally the eatables and liquids have fallen on the laptop and destroyed the laptop. They have destroyed internal microelectronic components or internal electric damage.

Alternatively, one should use a cup with a lid, so that the liquid does not spill over the laptop. The most important thing would be not to use eatables and liquids near the laptop.

\"TipsTip 2 – Having an antivirus installed and updated all the time

This is one common mistake that all of us do. Not having an antivirus installed or not updated the antivirus all the time. You may know what are you downloading, but there may be a chance that some virus gets downloaded. If you do not have an antivirus, then you are risking your laptop getting corrupted. A corrupted laptop can lead to a loss of data.

Tip 3 – Do not use the laptop at the place, where there are animals

One should keep their laptop at the place, where there are no animals. The furs and hairs can lead to internal damage to the laptop. The animals also run here and there, so they can accidentally destroy the laptop by knocking it with tail, legs, etc.

\"TipsTip 4 – Keep the laptop in a clean and dust-free environment

The laptop has to be kept in a place that is clean and dust-free. Dust can interrupt the working of the laptop. It can also lead to the destruction of internal microcomputer parts.

Tip 5 – Always keep your hands clean when using a laptop

When using a laptop keep your hands clean. Clean hands will help you use the mousepad and touchpad in a more convenient way. This will also let your laptop dust free else it will lead to the destruction of the laptop. If you will use clean hands while operating the laptop, it will help you to reduce the wear and tear on the coating of the laptop caused by contact with sweat and touch.

Tip 6 – Protect the LCD display monitor

When your computer is shut down, make sure that small items like pencils, ear-phone are away from the laptop. These can damage the laptop if the laptop is shut down having them in the middle of the laptop. The screen may get a scratch if the item is rough. Close the laptop slowly and carefully. If the laptop is closed one-sided, then the pressure on one side may break the hinge or can cause a bend.

Tip 7 – Hold and lift the laptop from the base and not from the LCD (the display)

If you hold and lift the screen from the LCD or screen, it may damage the hinge or something else. The display may also get a scratch or be damage by the pressure. So, always hold the laptop from the base carefully. maintain your laptop

\"TipsTip 8 – Do not pull the cord

Pulling the cord or tugging your power cord with force from the power socket can cause damage to the cord or power socket. Also, make sure not to kick the power socket accidentally with your leg or do not bump into the power socket, as it may loosen the socket. This will lead to the non-working of the socket. There have been incidents when people roll over their chairs on the cords. Do not ever do this, as this will cause damage to the cord or can accidentally hurt you. Make sure to tape the cords with the table in a sorted way.

Tip 9 – Make sure to plug the right cords in the right slots

While plugging the cords into the slots, make sure to read the symbols on the cords properly before plugging them into the slots. If you put the wrong cords into the wrong slot, you may damage the cord. Even if the cords get insert, they may not work properly.

Tip 10 –  Handle the removable devices carefully

If you removed any CD, DVD, or pen drive from the laptop, then be careful to put it in the storage box if not using them. Also, be careful while inserting the removable device into the laptop. If not inserted properly, then it may damage or jam the slot.

Tip 11 – Keep the temperature right

When you are carrying your laptop or in extreme temperatures, then let keep the laptop at room temperature first. If the temperature is extreme, then it may potentially damage the drive. Apart from the tips mentioned above, few other tips are there which are really important,

which are as follows:
  • Do not leave your laptop in a car any other vehicle. It may damage the laptop due to extreme heat or there may be a danger of theft also.
  • Get your laptop clean by a professional on a regular basis. If not done, then dust may accumulate in the system and may damage the laptop.
  • Do not place any heavy materials on the laptop like books or any other thing. This may result in damaging the LCD screen or any other part.
  • Use an appropriate case for the laptop. Invest in a good-quality laptop bag.
  • Store your laptop in a well-air-circulated area. If it is not done so, then it may overheat the laptop and cause damage to it. maintain your laptop
  • Keep the laptop on a flat and clean surface. This will prevent the laptop from damaging.
  • Do not ever use the laptop on the bed and it may cause the fan to extract the dust on the bedsheet. This will ultimately result in blocking the fan.
  • Keep your laptop decluttered from unnecessary software and file. This software may eat up precious memory and may cause a problem when you do important tasks.
  • When downloading something from the internet or EMail, be sure of what you are downloading.
  • If there is a need for additional memory, then use an external memory device to keep your data. Always keep taking the backup of your data in the external device. maintain your laptop
  • Have Annual maintenance for your laptop, so that much of the trouble can be avoided.

If the above tips are follow in a proper way, then the laptop can be maintain in a good way and for a long time.

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