When we talk about computers, we need to know that investing your time and money into maintaining the system can increase the lifespan of the computer. A computer is an investment and investment need to be protected. Check out the tips that can help you to extend the life of your PC.

\"\"Clean your computer regularly

A computer is made of various parts and when used for a long time, these parts can get hot. Due to the heat, the metal used in the computer can expand and contract when the on cooling. This can lead to the non-avoidable wear and tear. This can cause damage to the computer.

With time, all hardware will fail. So, you need to make sure to cool the computer as soon as possible to extend the life of the computer. Apart from this the dust that regularly enters the computer and clogs the fan and ports reduce the airflow. This can trap heat and prevent the hardware to maintain the computer.

Regularly cleaning the computer will help the computer to have a long life. Desktops can be cleaned easily as the parts are detachable easily. You can use a compressed air or a vacuum that can blow air outwards and have it inside. Make sure to be careful not to damage any cords or internal component of the desktop.

Laptop cleaning can be a little difficult. Here also compressed air can be used to blow into the vents and keyboards, to clean them. Few places are difficult to reach and remove all the dust and debris. For deep cleaning you can call the professionals and make sure the laptop internal parts are not damaged.

Do not eat or drink near the computer

I have seen this thing many times, that the computer needs repairing just because of spilled liquid or smoke residue.  The liquid that spills on the keyboard can be devastating as the most important components are under the keyboard. So, what can be done?
Use a spill guard as it will help liquid not to seep into the hardware. Also, food leftovers can destroy the working of the keyboard. Smoke can cause cause tar layer on the keyboard.

To repair the keyboard, after this damage can cost a lot, so avoid eating or using drinks near the keyboard.

\"\"Do not shut down your computer too often

As the system needs cleaning, same ways cooling down of system is also required. The system gets heated up during the use and cool down when the system is shut down. Do not keep your system running 24/7 excluding server. The system also needs rest, so maintain the balance. The users should shut down system if not in use and should shut down minimum after every two days. It will help the system to cool down and also provide rest to the system.
Also, make sure not to shut down the system either directly from the start menu or by pressing the power button. Shut down the system properly.

Do not leave laptops plugged all the time

Make sure that the laptop battery is charged by minimum till 40% and not more than 80%. This will improve the life of laptop by 4 times. If the charge is high, the voltage level is also high and more voltage puts more stress on the battery. This leads to fewer discharge cycles. It is said that if the battery is charged to 100 percent will have only 300-500 discharge cycles, while a battery charged to 70 percent will get 1,200-2,000 discharge cycles. 

Regular heat also puts a lot of stress on batteries. Though some of the laptops have a battery-saving feature, but most of the laptops work without it. The best way to preserve the life of the battery is to remove the battery when it reaches the maximum power. Keep your laptop unplugged once a day.


\"\"Update software & have regular maintenance

Make sure to install windows update regularly. These updates consist of patches, security fixes, and software/driver updates. These updates keep your system running smoothly and these set are installed automatically. We should keep on checking the installation once in a while.

This is also true for antivirus. These all should be checked weekly though these are automatically done.

Everyone has one laptop at their house as it is the need of the hour, but we should try to increase the lifespan of the laptop by doing above mentioned points. It will help to have an easy and happy life.

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