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The Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Desktop PC is a versatile and efficient computing solution designed to meet the needs of both home and business users. This desktop PC boasts a range of features that make it a reliable and capable system for various computing tasks.

Processor and Performance of Lenovo ThinkCentre M73

The heart of the Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 is the 4th generation Intel Core i5-4440 processor. This processor belongs to the Haswell family and offers a good balance of performance and power efficiency. With four cores and four threads, it can handle multitasking and everyday computing tasks with ease. Whether you’re working on office documents, browsing the web, or streaming media, this processor can provide a smooth and responsive computing experience.

Memory and Storage of Lenovo ThinkCentre M73

The desktop PC comes equipped with 4GB of RAM, which is sufficient for basic multitasking and everyday computing. You can comfortably run office applications, web browsers, and media players without experiencing significant slowdowns. However, for more demanding tasks like video editing or gaming, you may consider upgrading the RAM for improved performance.

In terms of storage, the Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 features a 500GB hard disk drive (HDD). While HDDs offer ample storage capacity, they are slower than solid-state drives (SSDs) when it comes to data access speed. If you prioritize faster boot times and application loading, you might want to consider adding an SSD to your configuration or using an external SSD as your primary drive.

Operating System and Upgrades

The desktop PC ships with Windows 8.1, but it can be upgraded to Windows 10 Home SL. Windows 10 is a more modern and feature-rich operating system, providing better compatibility with the latest software and improved security features. The upgrade to Windows 10 is a good idea to ensure that you have access to the latest updates and support.

Graphics and Connectivity of Lenovo ThinkCentre M73

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 comes with Intel Integrated HD Graphics, which are suitable for everyday tasks, multimedia consumption, and basic gaming. While it may not be a dedicated gaming graphics card, it can handle HD video playback and casual gaming reasonably well. For more graphics-intensive tasks or gaming, you may want to consider adding a dedicated graphics card.

One notable feature of this desktop PC is its inclusion of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth version 4.1. This connectivity versatility allows you to connect to wireless networks, peripherals, and Bluetooth-enabled devices, making it a convenient choice for a wireless setup.

Web Camera in Lenovo ThinkCentre M73

The presence of a built-in web camera adds video conferencing and communication capabilities to the Lenovo ThinkCentre M73. It’s a valuable addition for remote work, online meetings, and staying in touch with friends and family through video calls.

Conclusion: Versatile Computing Solution

In conclusion, the Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Desktop PC offers a versatile and efficient computing solution. With its Intel Core i5 processor, sufficient RAM for basic tasks, and ample storage capacity. Its ability to upgrade to Windows 10 Home SL ensures access to the latest features and security updates.

Brand Lenovo
Model Lenovo Think center
Model Number m73
Series desktops
Dimensions (mm) 39.62 cm (15.6 inch)
Weight (kg) 1.36
Colours Grey
Operating system WINDOWS 10 HOME SL
Battery Cell 2
Size 15.6 inch
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) pixel
Touch Screen no
Processor Intel Core i5 3th Gen 1005
Base Clock Speed 1.2 GHz
Graphics Processor Intel Integrated HD Graphics
Dedicated Graphics No
Hard disk 500GB
Ram 4 GB DDR 4
WI- FI Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.1 wireless
Bluetooth version 4.1
Ethernet Yes
Web Camera Yes
Finger Print Sensor No



  • This Product Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 will be in refurbished condition and may have a few visible signs of earlier use.
  • This product has been professionally inspected and tested to be fully functional
  • Product may be packed in a non-branded box

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