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HP EliteBook 745 G2 AMD


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The HP EliteBook 745 G2 AMD is a testament to the commitment to quality and performance that defines A++ Pure Import Quality. This laptop, available in impeccable, scratchless brand new condition, is equipped with features that make it a versatile and reliable computing companion. Let’s delve into the details that make this laptop an excellent choice for both personal and professional use.

A++ Pure Import Quality and Pristine Condition

The A++ Pure Import Quality certification signifies that this laptop has undergone a rigorous refurbishment process to meet the highest standards. As a result, it not only looks brand new but also operates flawlessly, delivering a computing experience that matches that of a new laptop. The scratchless exterior adds to its visual appeal and durability.

Balanced Performance with AMD Processor and 4GB RAM

Under the hood, the HP EliteBook 745 G2 is powered by an AMD processor. This capable CPU ensures smooth multitasking and efficient handling of everyday computing tasks. With 4GB of RAM, you can comfortably work on office applications, browse the web, and engage in multimedia activities.

Spacious 500GB HDD for Storage in HP EliteBook 745 G2

One of the highlights of this laptop is its spacious 500GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD). This ample storage capacity allows you to store a substantial amount of files, documents, photos, and videos. It’s suitable for users who require storage for their data and multimedia content.

Generous 14-Inch Screen for Productivity

The laptop features a 14-inch screen, providing an optimal balance between portability and screen real estate. This screen size is ideal for productivity tasks, such as document editing, spreadsheet work, and web browsing. It also ensures a comfortable viewing experience for extended periods.

Original Charging Adaptor for HP EliteBook 745 G2

The inclusion of the original charging adaptor ensures that you can power up your laptop with the same reliability as when it was new. This genuine accessory is designed to work seamlessly with the laptop, providing peace of mind regarding charging and power management.

7 Days Replacement Guarantee

To enhance your confidence in this purchase, the laptop comes with a 7 Days Replacement Guarantee. If you encounter any issues or are unsatisfied with the product within the specified period, you have the option to replace it, ensuring a risk-free buying experience.

In conclusion, the HP EliteBook 745 G2 AMD offers a blend of quality, reliability, and value. That is representative of A++ Pure Import Quality. Its pristine, scratchless condition, coupled with its capable.  AMD processor and 4GB RAM, make it a dependable choice for everyday computing needs.

The spacious 500GB HDD provides ample storage for your files and media. Ensuring that you can carry your data with you wherever you go. The 14-inch screen strikes a balance between portability and productivity, catering to a wide range of tasks.

HP EliteBook  745 G2 AMD
Brand HP
Model HP
Model Number 745G2
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg) 1.36
Colors Silver
Operating system Windows 10 Professional
Battery Cell 6
Size 14 inch
Touch Screen no
Processor AMD A-10
Base Clock Speed 2.4 GHz
Graphics Processor Intel Integrated HD Graphics
Dedicated Graphics No
Hard drive 500GB
Ram 4 GB RAM
Wi- FI Standards supported 702.11 ac
Bluetooth version 4.1
Ethernet Yes
Web Camera Yes
Finger Print Sensor No


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