Different types of laptops

Different types of laptops

Types of laptops -When you are shopping a laptop, it is just not the speed or size which matters. You need to know different types of laptops in order to select the right laptop.

The world is full of laptops having different sizes, styles, features and options. If we want to divide the laptops into categories we can divide them based on various parameters.

Laptops can be distinguished based on the design

Notepad (also called laptop)

This is a full-sized laptop that is pretty portable and functional. This kind of laptop has different sizes and specifications like speed, storage, capacity, memory and screen size. The price range also varies from low budget to high prices.

Same ways performance, productivity and gaming models also vary.

Ultra portable

This is a laptop which is thin and light, appropriate for travelling, so it is called as ultra portable. This laptop is also known as a sub-notebook. This is thin laptop and so some features are missing in the laptop. The smallest laptop is of only 1 kg.

Ultra book

This is the laptop which is an ultra portable laptop. This laptop has specific criteria of size, weight, battery life and the type of the chipset. The best feature is this laptop has strongest security and anti-theft built in at the hardware level.


This is the laptop which runs on chrome operating system which is Linux. This laptop is mainly designed to work with web apps and data is saved on a cloud, not on a laptop. The apps can be downloaded from chrome web store.

There are few models which run android apps also. This kind of laptop is famous in some schools and corporate as there are some low budget models available. The security and administration is very good and centralized.


This is a Mac operating system laptop which belongs to the apple family. It is a high-performance laptop. Earlier the MacBook used to run on the Intel chipset but now it runs on Apple’s own M1 chipset which is a single chip. This is the reason which results in a boost in speed and battery life.

Convertible laptop (2-1)

This is a laptop which combines the features of a tablet and desktop. This is the reason it is also called 2 in 1 laptop or hybrid laptop. Convertible laptop is easily switchable between touchscreen tablet mode to traditional keyboard mode.

This also has other features like detaching, sliding, twisting and fold-back mechanism. 


This laptop is just like convertible laptop and can have detachable keyboard. This laptop has less weight as there is no bulk of a keyboard. The tablets like the iPad and iPad pro have an optional detachable keyboard.


This is the laptop which is small and cheap laptop specifically designed for internet computing. This is a popular laptop because of the low price. The netbook has some issues which are slow and storage is also less. The processor is a Intel atom processor in this laptop.


Laptops can be distinguished based on the usage

Light weight laptop

This is a light in weight and thin laptop and is twice the size of a netbook. It is often called Ultrathin or ultra portable laptop. Light weight laptop is the best blend of performance and portability. This is the best laptop for travelling. types of laptops

This is a pretty fast laptop, comfortable to work on and have a midsize screen. Many of them have a built-in DVD player. The price of this laptop may be high, but have good RAM and hard disk.

Everyday computing laptop

This is a midsize laptop generally call as a notebook. These are generally average in terms of size, weight, screen size, technology and price. Few of these laptops may have 17.3-inch screen, powerful processor. This laptop is good for everyday work and is great for travelling work.types of laptops

Desktop replacement laptop

This is one portable laptop which gives full experience of the desktop. It has comfortable keyboard, big hard drive, a huge screen and good memory. The speakers are also loud and good in sound. This is a laptop which is portable and offers a proper replacement of desktop.

Business laptop

This laptop is best for business. It has a powerful process for handling various apps at one time. The processor is strong with good battery life so that it can be used while travelling. Robust security features are also amongst the best features of the laptop. 

Entertainment laptop

This is the most powerful laptop because it needs to handle the entertainment software and office or school work too. This laptop has got powerful inbuilt speakers. The battery life is also superb so that you can watch movies on the go. The screen has good size and good resolution.

Laptops can be distinguished based on the level you work

Entry level laptop

The entry level laptop is a laptop which is cheap and is use for basic or occasional tasks. The performance, battery life or weight is never a concern in this laptop. This laptop is a low power laptop, but can handle general computing tasks like web browsing, Email or word processing.

The basic multimedia task like watching standard definition video streaming can also be done. It is use by young students or casual users.

Mid-level laptop

If a laptop is need for travelling you need a lightweight, thin and easy to carry laptop. They are generally ultra portable laptops. This laptop is for regular computer users, families, students, businesses. category of laptops

They can run most of the software and games, but high-end multimedia task like video editing or fast graphic games might not work on this laptop. types of laptops

High end laptop

If a laptop is need for powerful processing, graphic work games or multimedia work, then you need a high-end laptop. This laptop has all the features of desktops and plenty of RAM, high-resolution screen and powerful processor.

This is a laptop for serious computer professionals. This laptop can do lot of work like video and audio editing, Preprograming, 3D rendering and high-end gaming.

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