Difference between Refurbished Laptops Vs Renew Laptop

Most common thing which people want to know is difference between refurbished and renew laptop. Many people use these words interchangeably and do not find any difference in both. Both things are different as far as the process how laptops are reintroduced in market.
In this blog we will understand the difference between both renew and refurbished laptop. It will help you to decide better what to purchase and what will be better for you.

Refurbished Laptops Vs Renew Laptop

If we talk in general terms both the terms are used interchangeably. the difference is in the process of bringing the laptop for selling to the market.
Renewed laptops are the ones which are renewed or upgraded as per the new equivalents in the market. These parts are genuine or 3rd party parts. Once the parts are replaced then it is properly inspected professionally. The accuracy of testing is properly taken care off. The service can include full diagnostic test or replacement of defective parts. All the parts are taken from genuine or qualified manufacturers.

Refurbished laptops are the ones that go under the restoration or repairing process before it goes to market for selling. The defective parts like batteries, RAMs, screens or Hard disks are are recondition or repaire as per the need. Then they are buy to the market for selling. This make refurbished laptops match the standards of new laptop. They are also call as \”like-new\” sometimes. The problem can vary from a small scratch to a non working part.

There are many dealers in the market like us who takes care of the rigorous process of testing. The process is done in a systematic manner to match the quality of new laptops. if need the parts can also replace to natch the standard.
When the process is been conduct most dealers grade the laptops. The grading is based on the condition of the laptop, life span and quality. Though this is not some kind of norm which everyone follows. This makes easier for clients to take a product as per the quality needed by them. The price also may vary as per the grade.
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In general, the grades are as follows:

Grade A

This is the grade give to the laptop of premium quality. These are the ones call \”like new\”. There are hardly any scratches or any problem with the laptops. They are generally return by the customer quickly within few days of the purchase. The usage of the laptop before returning is also very less. This increases the lifespan of the laptop after reselling.

Grade B

This is the second grade. This may have few scratches or dents. the quality is still good. The scratches may need closer look to see them. The product is still purchasable.

Grade C

This is the third grade as far as the quality is concerned. These may not be so appealing in look and can look like second hand.

Grade D

This is the low quality grade of the laptop. This may include broken parts or non working parts. They may exactly look like used laptops. Because of the visible low quality the prices of this grade is very low.
Now when you know all about renew and refurbished laptop and different grades of the laptop. You can decide what to purchase and what is better for you.

Few things you need to consider before purchasing the refurbished or renew laptop are:
  • The price of the laptop is in your budget or not. Major times the refurbished laptops come in up to 50% discounted price. If the price matches your budget and is in 30 to 50 % discount rice then, this can be a good purchase for you.
  • The specification of the laptop is according to your requirement. With this also see that it is as per the new equivalent laptop.
  • The warranty is provide with the laptop if available then it will prove to be best for you. Many dealers provide a warranty from 3 month to 3 years. The more the warranty is better it is.
  • The dealer provides the through checking of the laptop. It will help you to check the laptop properly and be satisfy with the laptop before purchasing it. Refurbished Laptops Vs Renew Laptop

All in all the refurbish laptop can prove to be a better purchase then the new one if the above points are take care of in the proper way. So, enjoy your experience with the refurbished laptop. Refurbished Laptops Vs Renew Laptop

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