How to choose the right laptop

\"\"Laptop or Desktop – Which is better?

There are so many options available, when it comes to choosing a system for your home. But, the most common question asked by any user is whether to choose a laptop or a desktop. This can be very frustrating.

This question can be best answered based on your own choice and also based on a few parameters like portability or performance. Knowing the answers to these parameters will help you to get the to know whether a laptop or a desktop best suit you.

Nowadays everyone wants to have the best option available by spending less amount and maximize the options.


\"\" Let us first know what is a desktop or a laptop

A desktop is a computer which is static and kept in a stationary place that can be an office desk or bedroom. The desktop consists of a tower, a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. The desktop gives you a great opportunity to get customized as per the requirement.

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A laptop is also called as a notebook is a portable, all-in-one device that has got USB inputs. It comes with a built-in screen, a built-in keyboard, a trackpad that works like a mouse. The laptop comes in different sizes. It gives a good battery backup and best for travelling.

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The first point to choose between a laptop or a desktop is by knowing how would you like to use the device.

Earlier desktop used to be heavy, difficult to carry, but the situation is very different now. The desktop can be as small that it can fit in one hand now.

A few things to know here are:

  • Laptops are more suitable for on-the-go users. They provide long battery hours, performance and responsiveness for better experience.
  • Desktops are good for power users. These provide more power at a lower price. The desktops are easy to upgrade, repair and customize as per the experience needed at home or office.

Though there is no hard and fast rule now as mini PCs are smaller, portable and easily storable than most laptops. Also, laptops now provide the same sort of power and performance as get from desktops.

The second point will be portability

Portability was a big difference earlier when we compare laptop and desktop. With All-in-One PCs the difference between desktop and laptop is very little as far as portability is concerned. They can be moved from one room to another very easily. They have big touchscreen and built-in battery.

These computers take very less space and looks stylish as they can be mounted on the wall also. A great alternative to traditional home computer. There are the various desktops that can provide performance, flexibility, portability.

There are laptops which are highly flexible and can be converted from laptop to tablet mode. There are various laptops which have got touch screen and stylus for easy working.

The third point will be the weight of the computer

The next important point to be considered while you are choosing between a desktop and a laptop is the weight of the computer.

There are a few recommendations from the industry experts that are as follows:

  • It is said that a laptop is the best option for the students who needs to move outside home everyday for classes.
  • Laptops are best for light work like reading, word processing or streaming videos, but if you want to work as a programmer or designer then you might need a high end desktop. Though nowadays there are a lot of options in laptop also.
  • If you have a lot of versatile jobs to be done, then desktop is the best choice.
  • Desktops do not run on battery, so they need to be plugged in all the time, when you are working on the system.

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