Steps to take immediately after purchasing a laptop

Steps to take immediately after purchasing a laptop

Have you recently purchased a Laptop, and are you excited to start working on it? Before you should start working on it, take a few initial steps to take immediately after purchasing a laptop to protect it from probable threats like viruses, performance issues, or something else.

At Lappyfy, you can purchase a wide range of laptops for your work. The few steps which you can follow after buying a computer are:

Update the operating system.

The first thing anybody should do immediately after purchasing a laptop is to update the Laptop’s operating system to the latest possible version. It will enable you to protect your computer from threats and make everything possible work correctly. As far as windows are concerned, Windows 10 and 11 are the newest operating system versions.

You can do this from the Windows store. Also, make sure that you update the necessary updates for your laptop model. You can get this on the manufacturer’s website. It has new drivers, patches, and fixes.

For Mac, then you can update the operating system from Apple at the Mac App store. You can edit any app like iTunes also for the Mac App store. However, there is no possibility of getting all the updates at one central point after purchasing a laptop.

Install Security Software

Apart from the Operating system, you must install security software like antivirus, malware protection, or a firewall. First, scan your Laptop for any viruses or malware. Security software is essential to make your Laptop perform well and to protect your Laptop from threats. It is good to invest in antivirus software, though many free options are available on the internet.

The security software or anti-malware will depend on your platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).

When you purchase antivirus software for your Laptop, could you buy it from a branded site? Many sellers bundle the antivirus software with the Laptop to optimize the work.

Set up an automatic data backup system.

We all work on laptops, and as a result, lots of data is critical in our laptops. It is advisable to set your Laptop for an automatic laptop data backup. It will help you recover your lost data for any reason. There are many laptop backup programs available. You can do it online by using various services. You can also do it offline by using an external drive. After purchasing a laptop

Invest in a good laptop case.

To keep your Laptop safe, you should have a specific backpack or dedicated laptop bag. It will help you to keep your Laptop safe while traveling. It will also keep your Laptop away from accidents like falls or spills.

Apart from these steps mentioned above, you should regularly check your Laptop.

Let us see what the other things to take care of are:
  • Take care of the hardware parts of your Laptop by preventing them from any accidents. You can do this by keeping eatables and drinkables away from the Laptop.
  • It would help if you controlled the Laptop in a safe condition and away from pets and kids. Use the Laptop with clean hands and place the Laptop in a clean place at the appropriate temperature. Do not keep anything on top of the Laptop.
  • Keep your laptop battery proper, as the estimated battery life is different from the actual lifespan of the Battery. Battery life reduces each time you need to charge your Laptop correctly. Keep your laptop battery adequately charged and do it often before it gets completely discharged.
  • Clean your Laptop often, especially keyboards, vents, and screens, to get rid of dust, grime, and residue, as it will increase the Laptop’s lifespan. Also, be gentle while plugging in various peripherals like cables, USB drives, headphones, or speakers to prevent damaging them.
  • Take care of the software on the Laptop. Only keep relevant software and delete unwanted software from the Laptop. You should also delete temporary files regularly from the Laptop.
  • Keep free space in the c drive to let your Laptop run fast. Also, delete old files from the system so you can only use the necessary space, which can affect the system’s performance.
  • The Laptop also needs rest, so shut down the system when not in use.

If you properly follow the above tips, you can maintain the Laptop well and for a long time.

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